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How it works: 

Terms and Conditions

SEPTEMBER 11, 2022

(Please reach out to get on the waitlist)
Well hey there!  This is easy, I promise...


~First of all, check out your items.  Kindly make sure they are freshly washed, free of pet hair, without excessive wash wear or pilling, rips and stains, and all buttons, snaps and zippers are functional.

~Check out what we're buying now.  Does your stuff fit the bill so far?  Awesomesauce, continue on..
~Review what brands are IN.  Are your items in current style or fit for vintage brands?  

(OshKosh, Gymboree have some REAL followings for vintage)  Look at the "Best Brands" below :)

~Send us an email detailing approximate number of items, gender and sizes of your items.

~We will get back to you ASAP with details on how to drop off or we will even pickup if you're in our delivery areas!  In the meantime, fold and pack your items in a wipeable bin (we are in covid times unfortunately) and no grocery or garbage bags are being accepted currently.

~Give us a minute to look over your items and decide what we can sell for you right now

~Sit back and get paid monthly or all upfront!

Told ya this was easy!

~Consignment terms are for 3 months, unsold items not picked up within 2 weeks will be donated to the charity of our choice

Brands we  Love:

Small shop



Old Navy




Janie and Jack






Petit Lem

Hannah Anderrson


Athletic (under armour, nike,etc)


Matilda Jane/Wildflowers

Eleanor Rose

Payment Options~ how does this work???

  1. Choose your best option.  Monthly payment  @ 50% payment rate or upfront payment (no waiting) @ 35%.  We also offer a store credit option @ 55% payment rate.  

  2. How would you like to be paid?  We offer EMT (email money transfer), paypal, store credit, or cash (must be picked up).

  3. Monthly payments include a sales summary so there is absolutely no guesswork as to what you have sold and how I've come up with your payment total.  I begin sales summaries mid month so you can expect your payment between the 15th-22nd of each month.

Fall Shop Needs

  • Selective Boys and Girls apparel sizes 2-16 in any of our favorite brands listed above

  • Fall themed/School themed items

  • Active wear

  • Dance and Gymnastic Gear 

  • Light outerwear

  • PJs



"A great place to find great quality items"

~Lindsay R.

"Best consignment store in Canada now!  Great communication and shipping across Canada is so cheap!"

~San D.

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